About Us

fflogoFast Forward is a non-profit association, established to achieve the objectives in the development of culture and art as a means of solving social problems.

The objectives of the FF: improving cultural life, promote culture as an active factor of social life, finding creative models for solving social problems, mobilizing cultural workers in the field of corporate social responsibility, promoting young creators, convergence culture and life of marginalized groups and rural communities, educating citizens about the importance of cultural development, expansion of cultural networks and international cultural cooperation, helping the inclusion of marginalized groups through cultural models.

To achieve its goals FF in particular:

• produces, distributes and promotes cultural events aimed at locating and solving a social problem
• organize, alone or in cooperation with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the field of culture and arts
• organize schools and workshops in the field of arts and culture in marginal groups, ethnic minorities, children, young people and other groups who are affected a social problem
• organizing events dedicated to the dissemination of results of research of Association
• publishes in print and electronic form, topics from the field of activity of the Association, in accordance with the Law on Publishing Activities
• collaborates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations at home and abroad in the creation of joint cultural programs on the most pressing social problems.

Projects that FF has been implemented are intended to persons with disabilities (Project: “Theatre of Krusevac for the blind audience”) and to seriously sick children (Project: “Piece of the shadow”).

Projects where the FF was a partner are dedicated to young people. In the project done with Belgian partner Maison des Jeunes Vanich, we organized cooperation between youth groups from Serbia and Belgium at the camp in Krusevac. In our cooperation with the Acting Studio Mask, FF has participated as a holder of the artwork in four produced theatrical performances for young people.